The Printer Warehouse has been active in supplying the Refurbished Printers in Calgary and other major areas of Canada. The refurbished printers are not primarily the used ones as they may have been fixed for the faults they were returned. Currently we supply HP 4700n Color Laser Printer and HP CLJ5550n, HP CLJ5550dn and HP CLJ5550hdn in wide format color LaserJet under the head of Refurbished Printers in Vancouver. Each and every printer is checked and verified for its functionality before being sold or supplied. They are also tested for the same or almost same performance like the new one. You may find the Refurbished Printers faultless in Edmonton.

Refurbished Printers Speed per minute

The speed of the Refurbished Printers supplied in Surrey and other cities are very fast in printing the pages. Some of them print 25-27 pages in a minute whereas the higher model can print 31 pages in a minute.

Resolution of the Refurbished Printers

The resolution of all the Refurbished Printers in Calgary is 600 x 600 dpi which is beneficial in the ink controlling process and allow less ink to consume for the printing purpose. In the low ink consumption it gives the best print quality. The Refurbished Printers in Vancouver prints the first page print in 16 seconds which is also dependent on the high resolution of the printer.

Printers’ capacity

The Refurbished Printers in Edmonton has an extra capacity of accommodating, arranging the pages and supplying it to the printing port. You can keep up to 100 paper sheets per try and 500 sheets per feeder. In most of the printers you may find one tray and one feeder whereas the Refurbished Printer HP CLJ5550hdn in Surrey has the four feeders along with a tray which have the room for more than 2000 pages at a time.

Memory of the Printers

The Refurbished Printers in Calgary are also equipped with the internal memory through which you can not lose your important file in the process of printing. The file saves in the memory for a while and becomes ready for the print.


The Refurbished Printers in Vancouver can be connected to the computer and other devices very conveniently through the number of ports it has available like the Parallel, USB, and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet ports.

Get the warranty as well

We supply the Refurbished Printers to Edmonton and other famous cities of Canada alongwith the warranty of 90 days. You may complain a defect if it arises so. If you are interested in purchasing the Refurbished Printers in Surrey or anywhere in Canada then you may contact us through our phone 403-648-9187 as well the website

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