The Printer Warehouse has been supplying the refurbished plotters throughout the Canada with a high rated repute. The refurbished plotters we provide are not the used and thrown and recycled again for the use. These are the refined machines enhanced with the replacement of a few parts. We have the following stock of used plotter printers for sale, HP Designjet 1050C Plus Plotter, HP Designjet 500 Plotter 42″, HP Designjet 1055CM Plotter, HP Designjet 5500 Plotter 42 “, HP Designjet 4500ps (42″) Plotter. The each item of refurbished product is well check and verified for its usability.

Refurbished Plotter Print speed

The speed of the refurbished hp plotter available for sale stars from 200 square feet/hour up to 1000 square feet/hour depending on the type of plotter.

Plotter Resolution

The resolution of all the refurbished plotters varies from plotter to plotter as the basic resolution is 600×600 dpi that may exceed to 1200×600 and 1200×1200 dpi. Furthermore, the advanced and professional plotters have a resolution of 2400×1200 dpi. The more high resolution the better will be the printing results and the lesser consumption of ink.

Plotter Print size

The used plotter printers for sale works the same as the new one and print the same size of paper as the rest do. The standard length size is 36” width and 300 lengths but the latest plotter offer you to print 42” x 300”.

Memory of the printers

The refurbished hp plotter for sale possess an internal memory ranging from 16 MB and goes beyond 128 MB that can be extended to 40 GB of hard drive.


The Parallel, USB, and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet ports allows the refurbished plotters to conveniently connect to the personal computer to work more efficiently.

Get the warranty as well

We allow you to take the used plotter printers for sale under a 90 days warranty period anywhere in the Canada and we assure their will not be any problem in using the machine. You may be more obliged in getting the so latest technology machine in low price. You may kindly contact us through our phone 403-648-9187 as well the website

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