The Printer Warehouse have the most appropriate and economical printing, copying, faxing and scanning solution for your office in the form of a multifunction Used Copier in Calgary as well as other  parts of Canada. We have acquired the refurbished stock of HP 4345xm MFP Black & White LaserJet, HP 4730mfp Color LaserJet, HP 9050MFP Wide Format – Black & White LaserJet, HP M5035xs MFP Wide Format – Black & White LaserJet and Used Copier in Edmonton with model of HP CM6040 MFP Wide Format – Color LaserJet.

Now you can buy used copiers that have lots of more features in combination to copier. Just like the one we have offered the copiers that have printer, scanner and fax machine as well. It can easily manage your various tasks in the corporate office without occupying a lot of space and money. We have the perfect corporate solution in the shape of a Used Copier in Calgary.

Distinct features of the machine

  • The machine is jack of all trades as it allows you to take benefit of the several electronic in the cost of one. You can use the same Used Copier in Edmonton for sending a fax, scanning a document, taking a print or making its Xerox.
  • The machine has laser printer that prints 30-50 pages in a minute without wasting your precious time. The printers have the resolutions ranging from 600×600 to 1200×1200 dpi depending on the type and model of Used Copier in Calgary.
  • You can buy used copiers which have an extra tray that further accommodates 500 sheets to make the productivity more smooth and error free.
  • These machines also include the flatbed scanner which has an optical resolution of 600×600 dpi and 30 bit depth of scanning. Just like other features, the machine incorporates an advance scanner according to the models of used copier in Edmonton.
  • The used copiers in Calgary are also very efficient in printing the photo copy of the pages. Some of the copiers can copy up to 30 and 35 pages per minute while the advanced can print up to 50 copies per minute.
  • It can be easily attached to the computers with the USB, Parallel and Ethernet plugs.
  • You may like to buy used copiers that have fax machines as well. Some of the fax machines have a speed of 33.6 kbps and can save more than 50,000 pages whereas the others have the super G3 technology.
  • Most of the used copier in Calgary bears warranty of 90 days which are quite enough for testing and verifying the product.

To enjoy the luxuries of so many gadgets in a single used copier in Edmonton and Calgary you may contact us via call 403-648-9187 or visiting the website

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